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Direct Cremation via Online Gathering of Information

(including cremation container)
We are very sorry for your loss and stand ready to assist you in your time of need.   If you have not yet done so, please call us at 941.748.1011 so that we may begin the process of bringing your loved one into our care.

This package is for At Need (death has occurred) Arrangements only. If death has not taken place, please choose 'Pre Plan' from the menu above. 

PLEASE NOTE:  In order to continue making at need arrangements for a simple direct cremation utilizing our online reporting process you must read the following in its entirety and at the end make several acknowledgements, agreements and attestations. Please understand that your acknowledgments, agreements, and attestations are legally binding.

Online Arrangements for a Direct Cremation:
Our online service allows families the ability to make complete arrangements for the direct cremation of their loved one from the comfort of their own home, using the internet and without the need to come to the funeral home. This option is perfect for those families who live out of state, or who wish to have a direct hands-on approach to arrangements and are willing to handle some details on their own. Families choosing this service option will see a significant savings on the cost of a direct cremation, since the family will not have a face-to-face meeting with a funeral director and the completion of documents will be handled online. Since the family choosing this type of service desires to accomplish several of the tasks traditionally performed by a funeral firm, you will be engaging us to provide a minimal number of professional services.This limitation of services is reflected in the package price of $1595, plus cost of Medical Examiner Cremation Authorization Fee for the county in which the death took place. This fee varies from county to county and is capped by Florida statute at $50.

Please know that the same attention to detail and service that has been the hallmark of Griffith-Cline for the past 82 years is the same for the online cremation package as it is with all other funeral arrangements for which we are engaged.

Other Direct Cremation Arrangement Options Available
  1. Direct Cremation via In-Person Arrangements - Traditional information gathering process with a face-to-face meeting with a funeral director.
  2. Full Traditional Cremation - The same services and ceremonies as a traditional burial, including visitation and funeral ceremony with body present.
  3. Cremation with Memorial Service - The same services and ceremonies as a traditional burial, including visitation and memorial service without the body present.
The charts below show those services that are included in the online cremation package as well as those which are not.

Terms and Conditions



  1. Transfer of deceased from place of death to our funeral home within a 15 mile radius.  Additional charges apply for locations outside this region.)
  2. Submission of the death record to the State of Florida using data supplied online to us by the family.
  3. Liaising with medical personnel to provide cause of death.
  4. Obtaining cremation authorization from the appropriate Medical Examiner's office (the fee assessed by the ME's office is in addition to the package price listed.)
  5. Sheltering of the deceased according to state law in our own sheltering facility till cremation is finalized.
  6. Cardboard Alternative Cremation Container.
  7. Cremation of the deceased in our on-site crematory.
  8. Finalization of the cremation process.
  9. Return of cremated remains to the family in a simple temporary cardboard container at our funeral home. Cremated remains must be picked up within 30 days of notification of completion.
  10. Submission of a free death notice (Limited to 10 lines. Text will be composed by our firm's administrative staff.) to the Bradenton Herald or Sarasota Herald-Tribune (one newspaper only).


NOTE: Please download your copy of our General Price List by clicking HERE



  1. In-person conference with a funeral director. All arrangements will be handled via the internet with document review and approval handled by one of our licensed funeral directors.
  2. Any additional transfer personnel needed to safely bring the deceased into our care if location of death, placement, or weight and size of deceased necessitates it. Additional charges will apply.
  3. Assistance with those providing third-party benefits such as Social Security, Veteran's Administration, etc.
  4. Obituary preparation for a paid obituary.
  5. Ordering and procurement of death certificates (Processes for placing your own order for death certificates is outlined HERE and through the Resources tab above.)
  6. Any viewing, funeral rites, or ceremonies or the coordination of such services and ceremonies.


The Medical Examiner of the county in which death has taken place must authorize cremation.  Each county has its own charge as listed below.
  1. Charlotte County - no fee
  2. DeSoto County - $35
  3. Hardee County - $50
  4. Hillsborough County - $25
  5. Manatee County - $35
  6. Pasco County - $50
  7. Pinellas County - $40
  8. Sarasota County - $35

Step 1 - All Acknowledgements must be checked before you can continue.

Acknowledgements / Agreements / Attestations

Step 2 - Payment

Please note that payment in full via credit or debit card is due at this timeYour payment by credit or debit card is handled securely through this website. Total service charges are $1595 plus the appropriate county ME fee to arrive at the total due.  Example: For a Manatee County passing the charges would be $1595 plus $35 Manatee County Cremation Authorization fee. Total would then be $1930 due. Appropriate ME fees by county are presented in the chart above. 

(Any additional items you wish to purchase should be purchased independently from this payment for cremation services. Our complete catalog of urns is available through the pull-down 'Service and Merchandise Pricing' tab above.)

When all acknowledgements and payment are submitted, continue to Step 3 - 'Submit At Need Vital Statistics Form'.

Step 3 - Submit the At Need Arrangements Vital Statistics Form

Complete and submit the At Need Arrangements Vital Statistics Form available by clicking HERE or through the drop down menu above.

Once this step is complete, our funeral director will e-mail you those forms that still need to be completed, including the Cremation Authorization Form. If we receive the At Need Arrangements Vital Statistics Form during administrative office hours (8 AM - 4 PM, Monday - Friday) the remaining documents will be sent to you the same day. If we receive the At Need Arrangements Vital Statistics Form outside of our administrative office hours, we will send them to you the following business day. To maintain government compliance, you must complete all forms within 24 hours of receipt.

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